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Principal's Page

Mission Statement

The Dual Immersion Academy community creates and celebrates a nurturing environment by promoting diverse languages and cultures for individual learning and growth.

Program Model

Students are instructed throughout the day in three different groupings and two different environments. Each grade level has two teachers: an English-dominant teacher and a Spanish-dominant teacher. Throughout the day students interact in both environments.
Benefits of this teaching/learning model include:

  • Students will develop strong skills in their native language while acquiring a second language
  • Students and families interact and form friendships, promoting cultural diversity
  • Teaching model is research-based and proven to be successful
  • Continuing staff development
  • Opportunity for success in two languages
  • Differentiated instruction in both languages
  • Scaffolded and sheltered lessons incorporating the most successful research-based principles
  • Bilingualism offers many opportunities for the FUTURE!

Criteria for Student Success

The Dual Immersion Academy will fulfill its mission in collaboration with all families, students, and faculty. Parents must be willing to offer:

  • Support of the Mission
  • Support of second language acquisition at home
  • Involvement in school activities and PTA
  • Clear communication between home and teachers
  • Volunteering in the classroom
  • Strong initiative to stay informed
  • Your child's consistent and punctual attendance

Contact Us

For more information, or to make an appointment to visit our school, or to register your child, please contact Katia Otanez-Olguin at 254-6070.