Dual Immersion Elementary

Welcome to Dual Immersion Elementary

WELCOME TO THE DIA ZONE! ---A Student Safe Zone. Always drive carefully in the DIA ZONE!

*Students can only be picked off and dropped off in the pick-up zone on the sidewalk next to the Riverside building. Students must wait in the pick-up zone in their designated area and may not walk to their cars until they are at the pick-off zone. This include the morning drop-off, too. Families must use the pick-up and drop-off loop, please do not park on the street or drop your child off on the street.                                        
 *Middle school students must follow these procedures. If they do not want to follow them, they will need to be picked up at BMS. Pick-up and drop-off rules are for all students, no matter their age. Safety protocols must be followed to create a “student safe zone”.                                                                                                    
 *Please do not park in front of our neighbors’ homes across Main Street from the DIA campus.                                                                                                           
 *Please do not drop students off or wait to pick them up anywhere along Main Street (in front of the school).                                                                                                                                         
*Please use the parking areas east and west of the DIA and Riverside areas.                                  
*Please use the one-way Student Drop-Off and Pick-Up area east of Riverside school (park right and stay in your car to wait, and pass left).                                                                                
 *Please do not use the Bus Loop in front of DIA before 8:00 am or between 3:30 pm & 4:15 pm.            
*If you visit the DIA Zone after 8:00 am or before 3:30 pm you may use the one-way Bus Loop (park right and pass left in the Bus Loop) or park in the designated parking areas.                        
If you can volunteer to help with traffic control, especially in the mornings, contact the DIA Office.                                                                                                                 
 We appreciate your support, patience and help to make our school safe. We make a better community when we show consideration to our, staff, students and their families.  We are better when we work together!


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